Service Level Agreement

99% Uptime Guarantee
Microtronix strives to maintain an 99% server uptime. This uptime is calculated on a monthly basis and is solely calculated by Microtronix / Site 24x7 monitoring system or by any Microtronix ESolutions, LLC authorized monitoring service. If we fail to maintain the promised 99% uptime guarantee, customers are entitled to the following pro-rated refunds on a case-to-case basis:

  • 98.9% - 10% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.8% - 15% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.7% - 20% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.6% - 25% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.5% - 30% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.4% - 40% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.3% - 50% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.2% - 60% off from the monthly package price
  • 98.1% - 80% off from the monthly package price
  • < 98.0% - 90% off from the monthly package price

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We guarantee every new customer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Only the following products are covered by this guarantee:

  • Shared Backup Packages
  • Shared Hosting Packages

This Guarantee does not apply to any services or solutions provided by Microtronix ESolutions, LLC including licenses and setup fees. You are also not entitled for any refund if you break any of our Terms.

100% No Data Loss Guarantee
Microtronix ESolutions, LLC guarantees that we will always have your Backups available if you have purchased one of our Geo-Sync Backup Packages. If we cannot deliver your backups within 24 hours after our technicians setup the synchronization to the other servers you are entitled for a refund worth one month of service. We synchronize your backups nightly via rsync to at least one other backup server in another datacenter, which overwrites any of our previous backups made. We do not make differential backups, we just copy your whole data you have available on your backup account to another server. We cannot guarantee the correctness of your backup files since these backups are made automatically twice a day once they are setup.

(Note: This 100% No Data Loss Guarantee only applies to your account if you have a Geo-Sync Backup Package, otherwise we cannot 100% guarantee your data.  For 100% guarantee you need to purchase a Geo-Sync Package)


  • Network attacks, floods, hacks, denial of service, distrubuted denial of server from other parties
  • Circumstances beyond human control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, strike or other labor disturbance etc.
  • Routing Issues
  • Backbone issues
  • Scheduled maintenance for hardware/software upgrades
  • Software bugs/flaws
  • Major DNS provider issues from major providers
  • Client breaches Microtronix ESolutions, LLC Terms