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As you sit down to plan your company's budget for the next year, you will no doubt remember to set aside money for labor and marketing. However, before you finalize your finances, you should also consider investing some cash into improving your cybersecurity.

Does your organization plan to open a new office in the near future? If so, you may wish to take some time to think about your networking needs. In particular, you should try to figure out whether you want to install a wired system or a wireless one.

Whether you own a law firm or an auto body repair shop, your company's data is undoubtedly one of its most valuable assets. But what can you do to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands? Switching to the Windows Server 2019 operating system is a great place to start. It is packed full of features designed to keep your data secure.

Malware is a bigger threat than ever as the changes of 2020 have created many more work from home jobs. In addition, many companies have needed to move to an online presence for the first time. There has never been a more profitable time to be a hacker and companies are dealing with daily security threats that are growing more complex and sophisticated every day.

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