At Microtronix we don't outsource your hosting needs. Microtronix owns all our own servers and we manage them in-house. This add's a level of security not found at larger companies like HostGator and GoDaddy. Managing our servers in-house you know who has access to your data or website, our staff and only our staff.

Most hosting companies outsource the job to the datacenters, like ColoCrossing and RackSpace, this add's an extra level of insecurity, anyone can access your site or data at anytime.

Not only do we manage everything in-house all of Microtronix hosting services are 100% Premium Managed services. If you have a problem we take care of it, if you have a server or VPS hosted with us we install software for you and help you fully manage the OS at all times. Unlike most companies in the industry today that only give basic technical support, ours is Premium support, so you can focus on your business, we will help you run your servers or hosting.

Shared Hosting

For basic websites, simple applications and basic email
Shared hosting is the most basic form of hosting, it's great for things like a website, or basic web systems, or email hosting. All our shared hosting packages are premium support, include full cPanel based email services, and are completely unlimited in every sense. All designed to help you succeed at business.

We use cPanel and WHM for our shared hosting servers based on CloudLinux servers, the most secure operating system for shared hosting. Our CloudLinux servers help maintain a balance, so no one site can bring down the entire server because of our resource management techniques employed.

We don't overload our servers, we won't put more than 75 accounts on any one single shared hosting server. Most companies overload them at 200+ accounts. All our shared hosting servers come with the best hardware:
  • 16 Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) L5630
  • 32GB Ram
  • RAID 10 Array
  • 1Gbps port speeds!
All our servers use 1Gbps port speeds while most shared companies boast about 100Mbps. Also all of our hosting plans come with free weekly backups of all sites.

All our servers support PHP 5.2 up to PHP 7 with a selector in the control panel for the customer to choose and configure their own PHP. Along with we are the only hosting company that supports NodeJS alongside PHP. All our servers also include PostgreSQL alongside MySQL.

We also give each and every customer a free SSL Security certificate at no charge!

  • PostgreSQL
  • Unlimited Email accounts and forwarders
  • Unlimited Addon Domains and Subdomains
  • MySQL
  • PHP 5.2 to 7
  • NodeJS available
  • GIT available
  • Perl/CGI
  • SpamScan
  • ConfigServer Exploit Scanner
  • FREE SSL security certificate for up to 100 domains!

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

For higher traffic websites, advanced cloud applications, business email servers
VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is a great way to get your very own virtual server without paying the high monthly costs of an actual dedicated server. Microtornix offers some of the best Premium Managed VPS' on the market today! Or prices include fully managing your server for you, you need apache fixed or email fixed, ok, no problem!

If you need to host a cloud application, an email server for your business, or a high traffic website to name a few options - Microtronix has you covered with our Premium VPS servers. We monitor all nodes for abusive accounts and keep the load low so your system runs fast and efficient. All our nodes run very efficient and secure SolusVM control panel so you have access to control your VPS at all times.

We offer all the latest OSes for Linux from Ubuntu to Slack for your linux VPS. We also don't overload our servers, we won't put more than 50 to 75 accounts on any one single VPS Node. Most companies overload them at 200+ accounts. All our VPS hosting nodes come with the following hardware:
  • 16 Core Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5620
  • 42GB Ram
  • RAID 10 Array
  • 1Gbps port speeds!
All our nodes use 1Gbps port speeds. Also all of our VPS plans come with free weekly backups of all units included at no additional charge.

  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Unlimited re-installs of OS
  • Premium support for OS install and management
  • Additional IPv4 available
  • IPv6 coming soon!
  • OpenVZ
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth (1TB)
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 1 IPv4 Included
  • SolusVM Access
  • Fully Managed!
  • Weekly Backups Included!
$11.42 / Month
  • OpenVZ
  • 2048 MB Ram
  • 2000 GB Bandwidth (2TB)
  • 60 GB Disk Space
  • 1 IPv4 Included
  • SolusVM Access
  • Fully Managed!
  • Weekly Backups Included!
$36.95 / Month
  • OpenVZ
  • Customize your VPS to your Spec's! Base price and specs start at the 512 VPS.
$11.42 / Month

Dedicated Servers

For the highest traffic sites, privacy, large cloud applications
If you need a highpower dedicated server then you've come to the right place! Microtronix offers the best in dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost of other locations. We currently have multiple bandwidth providers that ride multiple fiber connections into the data center to terminate into our equipment. Utilizing multiple edge and distribution switches we are able to maintain 99.9% or better network up-time. We have recently upgraded the backbone of our network to utilize redundant fiber paths to all switches and replaced older equipment so we can provide IPv6 service to our customers. Our DC keeps spare replacement parts on site for all network equipment as well as doing nightly backups of switch configs. New upgrades to the edge network allow for 10GB ports and larger IPv4 and IPv6 bgp tables from our providers. We utilize 10GB ports with all our providers.

Feel the difference, use Microtronix for all your Dedicated needs today!